Wood Post and Beam Construction (Conventional method)

Japanese traditional construction method
with worked posts and beams

Wood Post and Beam Construction is a traditional method used for housing construction in Japan. Wood frame construction, which is common in Europe and the U.S., is based on faces like walls and floors, but Japanese housing is constructed based on lines with posts and beams. Japanese history has a deep connection with forests and trees. Most Japanese authoritative religious constructions, including temples and shrines, are made of wood. Japanese appreciate the forests and have highly technical methods of wood processing and maintenance, which helps to preserve the many wooden buildings built over 1000 years ago including Horyuji in Nara.

Innosho Forestry Co., Ltd. produces posts, beams and bases for wooden homes. We make productions using every kind of wood, from large scale mill sawing to minute details crafted by our expert craftsmen.

Products and Services

Natural Japanese Cypress

This is timber called "Takumi Kantaro" made from natural Japanese cypress. We invented original drying technology to decrease the moisture content in wood to 15% or less to avoid back splits that cause distortions, and bring more stability to natural wood than ever before. Our Japanese cypress timber "Takumi Kantaro" is the highest quality in Japan.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood was created for efficiency and uniformity in industrialized construction. Engineered wood is produced by bonding wood laminates and creates a stable production and supply of timber rather than the conventional method of producing posts from trees. We have the largest engineered wood factories and supply all of Japan.


Timber used to be processed at construction sites in Japan, but nowadays it is more common to use "precut" timber that has already been processed in a factory. It is very valuable for quality and inventory management since we deliver all the necessary processed timber at once for each housing construction.

Characteristics of Japanese Cypress from Japan

High quality Japanese cypress is
the best-loved timber in Japan

Japanese cypress grows mainly in Japan and China. Japanese cypress originated in Japan is particularly high quality and thought to be the best building material in Japan, so you can see this timber in many traditional buildings. One of the greatest features of Japanese cypress is its durability. After cutting down, durability is increased over 200 years and it maintains its strength for a few hundred years.

And another reason Japanese choose Japanese cypress is its elegant fragrance. Many Japanese yearn for bathtubs and furniture made from Japanese cypress for relaxation.

Quality and Guarantee

Every product is legal.
Every product is quality certified.

Our products meet strict quality standards required by Japanese law and we guarantee their origins and performance. Japanese cypress from Japan is certified by the FIPC, and Scots pine and Norway spruce used for engineered wood are certified by the PEFC.

Innosho Forestry Co., Ltd. actively works for forest preservation. We are committed to helping a sustainable environment and contribute to society by maintaining appropriate levels of logging and forestation at home and abroad.

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