Message from President and CEO


Pursuing “good things” to live in a new era
Passing on a prosperous Japan to the next generation through our craftsmanship.

Okayama Prefecture boasts the largest production volume of cypress in Japan. This is due to the rich cypress forests that grow in clusters in the northern part of the prefecture. This forest is an important asset that our predecessors planted and nurtured after the war and has continued to this day.
Our company was founded in 1955 in Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture as a company that manufactures lumber using cypress logs produced in Okayama Prefecture. Since then, we have continued to challenge “manufacturing” while responding to various changes in the world and the environment and needs surrounding wood. Currently, we are developing products such as cypress wood and laminated wood, processing materials used for housing, construction, etc. with a comprehensive system. We have shared the desire to "create the best living space" within the company, and have carried out various developments so far.
In recent years, working toward the SDGs and aiming for a sustainable society has become a common global goal, and we are also focusing on expanding our business of planting and growing trees.

Japan is a country blessed with forest resources, even compared to the rest of the world with a forest coverage rate of 67%, but because of the costs, more and more mountains are left unattended without planting trees after logging, and this is a problem which is becoming more serious.
Until now, we have been making things with resources planted by our predecessors.
From now on, as a company that handles trees, we will firmly fulfill the important role of creating future resources by planting trees after logging, protecting the mountain environment, and conveying to children the necessity of wood as a sustainable resource.

With the three corporate philosophies that we have kept in mind throughout the ages, we will continue to aim for the realization of a sustainable society under the slogan of world-class forestry.

Tetsuro Takemoto



Prioritize customer interests

Solve customer problems
Giving top priority to contributing to society
Create better services and products
We provide “solution sales”.

Form a group of employees with a loving heart, strive to cultivate character, and to be spiritually rich

Have a loving heart and try to develop a personality
With reference to Stephen R. Covey's "7 habits", which forms a group of spiritually rich
employees, we work on human resource development for all employees so that they have a sense of independence and a spirit of consideration for others on a daily basis.

Strive to create value through originality
and ingenuity

Never satisfied with the status quo, we constantly strive to improve quality
and efficiency in order to provide better products to our customers.

Looking for tomorrow's challenges from today's results, never forgetting curiosity and ambition.