• Forestry is

  • a livelihood itself

  • that is the SDGs.

By nurturing trees and protecting mountains, we can conserve the land and water sources, prevent natural disasters, and protect human life.
The ancient forestry cycle of planned logging and planting protects the environment in which we live.
After receiving the blessings of nature, knowing its limits, and making the most of it, returning it to nature and circulating it.

Long before the word SDGs was coined, we have lived close to nature.

In recent years, the destruction of nature has progressed as a result of prioritizing human convenience and the economy, and environmental problems lie before us as a global issue.
The time has come to rethink the structure of all industries. Forestry by its nature is a sustainable industry.
Innosho Ringyo is going back to the roots of forestry and moving forward as a company that comprehensively performs afforestation, logging, forest management, and sawing.



It is also our important mission to convey the importance of trees and forests.


“Afforestation Fund” to connect
Japan’s forests to the future

Forests play an important role in protecting the environment in which we live, such as circulating the air cleanly, keeping water sources abundant, and preventing disasters. In order to maintain this healthy forest and environment, it is necessary to use mature trees, plant saplings, and rotate the forest cycle. Currently, most of Japan's artificial forests are left uncut. If we do not plant trees, we cannot leave resources to the next generation. Therefore, we started the "Takumi Kantaro Reforestation Fund" to allocate part of the sales of "Takumi Kantaro", a brand of natural Japanese cypress produced by Innosho Ringyo, to the cost of planting trees for future forest development. bottom. Starting in Okayama, this small initiative will eventually spread throughout the country. We at Innosho Ringyo dream of such a future.

A sustainable global environment from our generation.
It is an initiative to receive from nature and return it to the earth.