Trees to the cities,
life to the trees.

Build a sustainable society



With happiness of people in mind As a business continuing to take on new challenges

Innosho Forestry was founded in 1955 in Tsuyama. The business that began with cutting, sawing, and selling wood from the local mountains soon grew to become a comprehensive lumber manufacturer that also handles the development of dried lumber, the production of pre-cut lumber and laminated lumber, the import and manufacture of foreign lumber, and the construction of houses.

It has developed through the Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa eras.

Taking on change as a tailwind without resisting the swell of the times.
We will continue to grow with the “pride as a forestry worker” that we have always had.


Not just logging.

We are a rare company in Japan that handles all kinds of wood products, such as domestically produced Japanese cypress solid wood “Kantaro”, laminated wood and pre-cut wood, which boasts the largest market share in Japan.
Innosho Forestry is one of the leading lumber manufacturers in Japan.
We have one of the largest production volumes in Japan, and we also comprehensively handle everything related to timber, from cultivating forests and afforestation projects to housing construction and renovation.

Driving the industry as a leading company

Sawmill of domestic lumber

"Kentaro" is a solid material with a core made of Japanese cypress that maximizes the performance of cypress with excellent durability. It is the crystallization of technology that has succeeded in significantly lowering the moisture content using our own drying technology.

Laminated lumber/pre-cut lumber

The amount of production of cypress and laminated wood is the second largest in Japan. Innosho Forestry Co., Ltd., which has its own vast factory, has one of the largest production lines in Japan, advanced technology, and abundant distribution bases to meet the growing demand.

Residential building and renovation

A “wooden house” that is only possible because it's Innosho Ringyo that cultivated good building materials. Life is our number one priority, and our ability to meet your exact needs creates long-lasting comfort.

Cultivation, felling, and planting of forests

In addition to being a manufacturer of manufacturing, we also participate in forest development such as logging and tree planting. We don't just make and sell, but we are involved in the forestry industry from start to finish.